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Saint Mary's Byzantine Catholic Church

Founded in 1890, this Byzantine Catholic church is still active in once, bustling, Mahanoy City, PA.

During the late 1800's, most Greek and Ukrainian Catholics were either walking to St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church, in Shenandoah, PA (approx. 4 mi from Mahanoy City) or celebrating Liturgy in a shared space called Gorman's Hall.

At this time, a movement was led by a man named Ioann Zinchak, also known as John Smith, to build St. Mary's.  The parishioners did just that.  In 1891, St. Mary's was constructed.

Please continue reading below and if you would like more information about St.Mary's please contact St. Mary's Rectory at (570) 773-2631 or visit the website for the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Passaic

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Built in red brick, St. Mary's boasts two domes, blue in color, 4 large wooden doorways and two mosaics of Jesus Christ and Mary.



When you walk into St. Mary's, the interior will give you the spiritual chills.  Not only is the interior over a hundred years old and religiously vibrant, the Frescoes were painted by the first long term pastorate's son, Anthony Kubek, who was also a priest at this very church.  For more information on Fr. Emil Kubek and Fr. Anthony Kubek, please v this link: Emil Kubek Project by Nick Kupensky

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For 13 years, this church did not have an Iconostasis however, the first long term pastorate, Emil Kubek, helped import the church's first iconostasis from Austro-Hungary with the Icons painted by J. Kurilach from Krakow - Unfortunately you do not see the original icons today.  They were replaced during renovation and their whereabouts are unknown.


Our Lady of Mahanoy City

This icon is very special as it is one of its kind and currently the only icon inscribed especially to a church.  This Icon was inscribed by Jorge Pineross, the parish iconographer whose icons you see on the iconostasis today.  

Our Lady of Mahanoy City was inscribed in the memory of Esther Walsonavich, blessed and named during a special Paraklisis Service on the Feast of the Theophany by Bishop Michael Dudick.

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