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Saint John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church

Located in a small coal-patch town known as Maizeville, PA, St. John's is a small but vibrant parish still celebrating liturgy today. 

Like many parishes in Coal Country, St. John's was chartered due to increasing population size (due to the expansion of the coal industry) and the inconvenience of walking miles to church every Sunday to St. Michael's in Shenandoah, PA.

The Church was chartered Sept. 17th 1907 and constructed by O'Hearn Co and parishioners.

If you would like more information about St. John's please contact St. Michael's/St.John's Rectory at (570)874-1101 or visit the website for the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy in Philadelphia.

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Church Exterior

Built in white with its golden domes, the construction of Saint John's was completed in 1908, month unknown.


Church Interior

The pews, original Iconostasis, stained glass windows and the parishioner installed chandelier

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Unlike some, the original Iconostasis has remained in its original church.  The iconostasis was carved by Wasil Wasylenko, an artist from Easter Ukraine whom resided in Shenandoah, PA



The icons on this iconostasis were inscribed by renowned artist, T. Kopystynsky.

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